by Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi.
Translated by Zahra Partovi.
Visual Projection by Naho Taruishi.
Sound by Zahra Partovi.
Harp Performance by Alyssa Reit.
Type: Diotima
Calligraphy: Jerry Kelly & Zahra Partovi.
Digital Production: Naho Taruishi.
Sound Engineer: Barry Hartglass.
Format: Quicktime.
Length: 16 Minutes.
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For the past 30 years, Vincent FitzGerald & Co. has been publishing selections from “The Masnavi”of the 13th Century Persian poet JM Rumi in Zahra Partovi’s translations with visual art by contemporary American and international artists. To date there are twelve such publications in the series. Since 2003 the theme of the series has been the element of ‘Light’ and hence the last 4 of these publications have been entitled “Fragments of Light”.
The present project “Fragments of Light 6” will have a sharp contrast to the other Fragments of Light publications and although there will be no physical book, “Fragments of Light 6” is inspired by word and image in form of an installation comprised of the monochromatic projection by Naho Taruishi, and the sound composed by Zahra Partovi and performed by Alyssa Reit. The duration of this installation is about 16 minutes in length and looped.
Recalling Plato 's Allegory of the Cave in a miniature tale, this short fragment from Book I of The Masnavi of Rumi tells of a bird and a hunter pursuing its shadow. Sound of clocks and flutters enter us into the realm of light and dark of the projection. Abstract images shift from an opening gate of light, to a flying bird, to a closing eye on the horizon, and to a veil of light into darkness. Finally the sound and image converge in the sweep of the bird soaring away. As a whole, this installation articulates a space to be visible, invisible, audible and silent.

The bird is above, and below
Its shadow is running bird-like.

A fool becomes the hunter of the shadow
Running so much that he runs out of breath.

Ignorant that this is the picture of the air-born bird
Ignorant of where the origin of the shadow is.