Founded in 1980, Vincent FitzGerald & Co. is a New York based publisher of limited edition artist books. The principal aim of the company has been to bring writers and visual artists together to create fine publications of books in the French tradition of “Livre d’Artiste”. While the company’s classic publications have a profound sense of history and tradition incorporating all techniques of fine printing, letterpress and bookmanship; their contemporary and innovative approach present art and artisanship with an anticipation of the future. 

Since its inception Vincent FitzGerald & Co. has collaborated with over one hundred writers, translators and visual artists, and over two hundred artisans. To date the company has produced over 50 publications of “Livre d’Artiste” and nearly 70 editions of prints. Vincent FitzGerald & Co. prides itself in working with young and emerging as well as established artists and has been instrumental in creating a community of artists of many varied fields. 

The publications of Vincent FitzGerald & Co. are in the collections of major museums and libraries in the United States and abroad. For the selected listing of institutional collections, please view the ‘Collections’ link on this website. Collections.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
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