by James Joyce.
Interpreted by Susan Weil and Marjorie Van Dyke.
Edition: 50 copies signed by the artists.
Etchings: Editioned by Marjorie Van Dyke and Vincent FitzGerald at The Printmaking Workshop. 
Lithography: Editioned by Rhae Burden at The Printmaking Workshop.
Collage: Zahra Partovi.
Letterpress Printing: on Moulin du Gue paper by Daniel Keleher and Bruce Chandler at Wild Carrot Letterpress.
Type: Janson.
Calligraphy: Jerry Kelly.
Binding: David Bourbeau at The Thistle Bindery.
Size: book 15 1/8 x 12 3/4”; sheet 14 x 12”.
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“That is no dancing. Go down before the people, young boy, and dance for them... He runs out darkly-clad, lithe and serious to dance before the multitude. There is no music for him. He begins to dance far below in the amphitheatre with a slow and supple movement of the limbs, passing from movement to movement, in all the grace of youth and distance, until he seems to be a whirling body, a spider wheeling amid space, a star. I desire to shout to him words of praise, to shout arrogantly over the heads of the multitude “See! See!” ..... His dancing is not the dancing harlots, the dance of the daughters of Herodias. It goes up from the midst of the people, sudden and young and male, and falls again to earth in tremulous sobbing to die upon its triumph.”